Hours : Mon To Fri - 10AM - 04PM, Sunday Closed

Terms and Conditions


Our academy is solely targeted at youth development. We are established to provide soccer training from basics to professional level to all children and youth that registers with us.

All parents should kindly note the following:

1. Parents will be responsible for the drop-off/pick-up of their children to/from our training venues. We do not offer such services as at present. However we hope to add transport logistics in near feature and this service will come at an additional but affordable cost.

2. For safety reasons, only registered guardian are allowed to come and pick any child from our facility after training

3. We do not provide meals/drinking water for the children, parents are to ensure that the children have enough water to drink. Meals shall not be allowed on the training facility.

4. Part of our watch ward is discipline, hence parents needs to ensure that their children gets to training facility at least 15 mins to the training time.

5. We accept male and female children between the ages of 5-19 years


Our available cadres are:

Under 8 (Ages 5-8)

Under 11 (Ages 9-11)

Under 14 (Ages 12-14)

Under 16 (Ages 13-16)

Youth (Ages 17 - 19)


Registration into our academy is  R1500(once-off) which include:

*Administration fee

*2  Complete set of Jerseys (Home & Away)

CLICK HERE to see sample jerseys.


Our Monthly fee is R1000 (One thousand Rand only) per child; payable a payment link that will be provided


Our training days shall be SATURDAYS; 09:00am - 12:00pm. 

1. Soccer boot (we can assist in sourcing for this)
2. Sports bag (backpack)
3. At least a ball ( for personal training )
4. Shin guard
5. Drinking water
6. Training sneakers
7. Aerobics Mat ( for personal workouts at home)

Any other conditions shall be provided in due cause,

LAST UPDATED: 2021-09-19